Falco WA® is a safe and high purity lumpy magnesium hydroxide produced from exceptionally selected brucite mineral by strictly controlled crushing.

The product is used as water treatment filler for column filters for variety of applications including pH control, precipitation of heavy metals and water remineralization after reverse osmosis.

Falco WA® for water treatment

Municipal and industrial wastewater can be treated using Falco WA® in order to neutralize acidic effluents, precipitate heavy metals, reduce hydrogen sulfide emissions, COD, and phosphates, and improve the filtering qualities of treated sludge.

  • High cost efficiency
  • Precipitation of heavy metals
  • Reduction of phosphates, odor and COD
  • Contribution to the predictable increase of pH and alkalinity, creation of a buffering effect

Falco WA® for biogas production and anaerobic sludge wastewater treatment

Biogas is becoming more and more popular among the alternative energy sources in the world. It can be produced from the variety of organic wastes. The main principle of the process it to convert the organics into the methane via bacteria.

Falco WA® can be used at both anaerobic sludge digestion process and anaerobic sludge wastewater treatment.

  • Increase in the biogas production rate
  • Decrease in the H2S contamination in the biogas
  • Reduction of TSS, VSS, nitrogen and phosphorus in the anaerobic sludge wastewater.
  • Enrichment of the solid waste which is used as organic fertilizer with magnesium which is vital for crops

Falco WA® for marine exhaust gas cleaning systems

Magnesium hydroxide is classified as sparingly soluble in water. When entering the acidic water of the scrubber, Falco WA® begins to dissolve gradually with the release of magnesium cations and hydroxide anions, which neutralize the acidic medium. Divalent Mg2+ cations react with sulfur dioxide SO2, forming a soluble salt of MgSO3, which does not lead to the formation of deposits on the walls of the equipment.

  • Most efficient alkali
  • Stable suspension can be produced with our recipe and guidance with a broad variety of solids concentration
  • Post wastewater treatment process improvement
  • Safe for the crew and easy to handle
  • Non-corrosive
  • Reduction of transportation costs
  • Storage space saving on board a ship

Falco WA® for neutralization of milk serum

In the production of dry milk serum, it is necessary to ensure the required level of acidity of the feedstock — cheese or demineralized milk serum.

Falco WA® magnesium hydroxide is a milled brucite mineral with the highest neutralizing capacity compared to other alkalis and therefore is widely used as neutralizing additive in the production of dry milk serum.

  • The highest neutralizing capacity per unit weight of reagent
  • Safe for the operator
  • No technological issues with the equipment
  • Low impurities
  • High quality finished dry milk serum