Our profile

Falco Veloce Trading LLC is a company engaged in selling environmentally friendly magnesium hydroxide products for several industrial applications.

For the production of final products, we use brucite ore that is milled on our partner processing plants located in UAE.

The ready-to-use outputs are delivered to end-consumers via a dense network of distributors.

Brand history

”Falco Veloce” means “a fast falcon”, an active and goal-oriented bird that has become a symbol of our company. In our work, we eager to be as fast, noble and determined as this majestic creature.

They are able to soar to heights that are inaccessible to other birds and that is our long-term goal on the market of magnesium products.


Quality police

High and consistent quality is our number one priority and something we are justifiably proud of. We continuously improve our production and quality control processes by carrying out regular internal audits and strictly following the main aspects of our quality management policy.

Our principles


of excellence


and reliability




on innovation

Mutual respect

and trust

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