Falco MF® is a safe and high purity granulated magnesium fertilizer produced from exceptionally selected brucite mineral by strictly controlled fine milling and granulation.

Falco MF® contains high amount of magnesium (up to 41.68%) compared to other industrial magnesium minerals. If used in the suggested proportions, it is ecologically safe and appropriate for organic farming.

Falco MF® for soil nutrition

Getting into the soil with an acidic reaction the Falco MF® product begins to gradually dissolve with the release of magnesium ions, which are easily absorbed by the roots of the plant.

Due to the limited solubility, the Falco MF® product gradually supplies the plant with magnesium throughout the season.

It cannot be washed out from the soil and does not require additional application during the season, unlike water-soluble magnesium sulfate.

  • High concentration of magnesium
  • Prolonged after-effect
  • Contribution to the increase of biological activity of the soil
  • Ability to be used as an ameliorant
  • Persistence and activity in soil
  • Resistance to excessive moisture and fungi