Falco AC® is a safe and high purity magnesium hydroxide powder produced from exceptionally selected brucite mineral by strictly controlled crushing and sieving.
The product is used as a chemical anti-caking agent for the production of ammonium nitrate and complex fertilizers.

Falco AC® in the form of a powder is added directly to the ammonium nitrate granules during production, which distinguishes it from organic anti-caking agents.
In the production of complex fertilizers, Falco AC® considerably improves color, boosts granule strength, and optimizes the granulometric composition while reducing caking and porosity.

Falco AC® for complex fertilizers

Falco AC® can be used in complex fertilizers as an anticaking agent and source of vital magnesium for the crops as it is a central atom in the chlorophyll molecule responsible for photosynthesize.


  • Increase of granules strength up to 30%
  • Increase of magnesium in fertilizer
  • Reduction of caking of fertilizers
  • Reduction of total production cost of fertilizer in average 5 euro per ton


  • Elimination of the decrease in the granules strength of NPS


  • Increase in durability in the production of DAP
  • Reduction of caking and porosity in the production of DAP


  • Reduction of the content of fluorine and silica in the production of MAP
  • Reduction of caking in the production of MAP
  • Increase in durability in the production of MAP

Falco AC® for ammonium nitrate

Falco AC® is used to prepare a solution of Mg(NO3)2, which is obtained in reactors based on diluted nitric acid with a concentration of 30–35 %. Then the solution of magnesium nitrate is added to a solution of ammonium nitrate.

  • High concentration of magnesium
  • Absence of CO2 emissions during dissolution
  • Controlled process conditions
  • White ammonium nitrate granules
  • No foaming
  • Total magnesium replacement (acid conditions)
  • Small amount of waste
  • No deposits on the walls of heat exchangers